Among the many CVIs which took place this season, CVI Bern surely assumes a particularly important role. The CVI, that took place between May 26th and 29th, in the middle of the agonistic season, was a real turning point of the race to the qualifications for the European and World Championships. Not without reason, cvi Bern welcomed a large amount of competitors, despite the many competitions, which also took place in the same weekend (cvi Saumur in France and cvi Lier in Belgium). Bern was a real show, thanks to so many beautiful performances, some of which we will surely see again in Herning and Kaposvar.

The Swiss have dominated almost every category, winning most of the classes in competition

Mara Hofer (Rita Blieske; For Ever du Chalet CH), Eva Carraro (Mirjam Degiorgi; Voici Voilà du Riez) and Noemi Licci (Rita Blieske; For Ever du Chalet CH) performed strongly throughout the whole event and won respectively gold , silver and  bronze in the Junior 2* individual female, seriously staking a claim on tickets to represent Switzerland at the European Championships in Kaposvar.

In the Female Young Vaulter 2*, on the other hand, Germany’s Alice Layher (Andrea Blatz; Lambic van Strokappeleken) positioned on the second step of the podium, between two Swiss (and teammates) Danielle Bürgi (gold medal) and Samira Garius (bronze). Both girls competed on Livanto CHA CH at the lunge of Mirjam Degiorgi. Danielle Bürgi’s performance was truly from another planet: particularly in the freestyle, Bürgi left her opponents very little chance, presenting an extremely difficult and impeccably executed program.

The red-crusader flag flew on the highest flagpole also in the Pas de Deux and in the team competition  with the pair formed by Elena Herter and Jasmine Horat (Yvette Rothweiler; I Mud) and Tösstal Junioren 1 (Corinne Bosshard; Kairo S). Will they be the ones to represent the colors of their country at the end of July?

The 3 * category proved to be adrenaline-pumping and reserved notable twists.

The women’s individual competition opened with what is increasingly emerging as the “great challenge” of this season. Austria’s Eva Nagiller (Nicole Voithofer; Lavalino) and France’s Manon Moutinho (Corinne Bosshard; Saitiri) faced each other, decided not to leave a single point to the opponent. Last year both of them were rapidly growing, and now they are anything but disappointing. The first round ended decisively in favor of the Austrian, unrivaled in the compulsory and very strong in the technical. At the end of the technical test, Moutinho was third in the overall ranking, behind the Swiss Nadja Buttiker (Monika Winkler-Bischofberger; Acardi van de Kapel), a highly experienced vaulter with uncommon skills. With the freetest, however, the ranking was reversed. Nagiller was definitely not at her best, she performed a hasty routine, and the score was below her standards. On the contrary Moutinho, except for a small imbalance, performed an impeccable freestyle, which redeemed the technical test, at the end of which the athlete was the protagonist of a fall in her dismount, fortunately without consequences. The French ultimately advanced two positions and made her fearsome opponents slide back. It must actually be said that the technical test has claimed many victims. It was in fact characterized by the presence in the field of numerous nervous horses that have put a strain on the skills of many vaulters. One of these is the French Quentin Jabet (Andrea Boe; Ronaldo 200), fourth classified at the 2021 World Championships and favorite of the competition. After an explosive start, the performance fell apart, so much so that in the dismount he also hurts himself and was forced to retire. The technical test of the Swiss Lukas Heppler (Barbara Zürcher; Colonel v. Forst CH) wasn’t perfomed at best either. Ultimately the highest step of the podium was claimed by his compatriot Andrin Müller (Petra Baumann; Consilio v. Schlösslihof CH). Müller, who had already made himself known at the last world championships, was the author of two excellent tests, in particular in the freestyle, fluid and captivating.

In the end, a few words about the Pas de Deuxs and the Squads. According to predictions, the Austrian pair  formed by Eva Nagiller and Romana Hintner (Klaus Haidacher; Idefix 25) won the PDD 3 * category. The duo presented a new, demanding and complex program, very different from the previous one, playful and irreverent. It was as if they wanted to say “attention, now we are getting serious!”. The two Swiss couples in competition, Daria Gallo / Celine Hofstetter (Corinne Bosshard; Londontime) and Li Laffer / Ilona Hannich (Alana Sohm; Gitano des Monods CH), are a little detached, even if the latter was the protagonist of an extraordinary first round

As for the squad competition, team Lütisburg Senioren 1 (Monika Winkler-Bischofberger; Rayo de la Luz), favorite of the eve, confirmed to be a team of excellent competitive level, but even if a bit distanced in terms of score, also Montmirail (Mirjam Degiorgi; Livanto CHA CH) performed a tasty, sparkling and colourful exercise.

Here’s the link to the final ranking